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The SEED project is a program of the Day 2 Multipurpose Center; a not-for-profit organization serving justice impacted individuals and communities

The S.E.E.D. Project

Is a basic education course created to prepare potential cannabis license applicants to participate in the “Business of Cannabis in New York”. The course is comprised of five modules (areas of study) and each module consists of three units (classes). The entire course is a 30-hour instructional, encompassing 15 classes of 2 hours a piece, taught over a five week period (three classes per week). Concluding with an exam and certificate at the completion of the course.

Course Modules

(1) Introduction to Cannabis;
(2) Cannabis laws & Regulations in NY;
(3) The Business of cannabis;
(4) Ancillary Businesses;
(5) Advocacy & Community Outreach. For those who complete the course and pass the exam we also offer post course consultation and assistance as well as referrals to much needed cannabis industry resources.

The cannabis industry is profitable but not easy. Increase your chances of success by being prepared.

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Jan 28 2023
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