The Social Equity and Racial Justice Project, an initiative committed to advancing social equity within the cannabis industry, announces its upcoming workshop series with the Cannabis Workshop Initiative. This series, a collaboration with Cornell ILR and WDI, kicks off on June 14 at 7 pm with a session led by Kayvon Reid, delving into the anatomy of the cannabis plant and the industry’s cultivation opportunities. On June 17 at noon, Reid will return to examine jobs in extraction and manufacturing. Next, on June 21 at 7 pm, Esta Bigler and Cecilia Oyediran will ensure you’re well-versed in your rights at work, covering topics from unions and collective bargaining to pay and benefits. Lastly, Reid wraps up the series on June 24 at noon, offering insights into working in a dispensary and retail opportunities within the cannabis industry. This series is a must for anyone keen to navigate and succeed in the evolving landscape of the cannabis industry.

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