The Black Institute shapes intellectual discourse and impacts public policy uniquely from a Black and people of color perspective in the United States and throughout the Diaspora. The Black Institute translates the “think” in think-tank into “action” through a rigorous three-level strategy comprising academic and community research, inclusive and genuine civic development, and grassroots campaigns and political engagements. As a result, the Black Institute changes the discourse of public debate, trains and educates new leadership, develops initiatives to build wealth and power, and delivers justice to Black people and all people of color.

People holding a BLAC sign and gathering in protest

Our Mission

The Black Institute Group (BIG) is a for-profit organization working alongside sister organizations The Black Institute (TBI) and the Black Leadership and Action Coalition (BLAC). All three organizations operate under the same guiding principles and ideals.

BIG tackles issues facing black and brown communities and seeks to educate, organize, and impact public policy from a black perspective.

People gathering in protest

Our Work

The Black Institute Group is working to educate Black and brown communities about the business of cannabis in New York State. Through a series of educational workshops and our inaugural CANNABALL 2023 celebrating women who played an integral part in making cannabis legal in New York State, BIG is empowering black and brown communities to have equity in the cannabis industry.